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  • New E-Comic Tells Story Of Chicago NATO Protests

    Activist-artist Luke Radl offers an illustrated and hyper-linked narrarative of the Chicago NATO protests with "Chicago Is My Kind of Town".

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  • Humanizing The Occupy Movement: Portraits of the 99 Percent

    AMO Grant Awardee Report #3: With Portraits of the 99 Perecent, San Francisco-based photographer Robert Schultze has set out to capture the human element of the Occupy movement. The project currently features over 300 high-quality images that help tell some of the many stories of the individuals who participated in the encampments across the country in the fall and winter.

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  • Indignados in New York: The Indig-NaciĆ³n Newspaper and Outreach Project

    AMO Grant Awardee Report #2: The Indig-Nación project offers news and conversation surrounding the economics and politics of the Occupy movement to New York's Latino neighborhoods. The Spanish-language website and paper were launched earlier this year and have now recieved an AMO grant to continue growing their important work!

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  • Illuminating Hidden Histories with the Greenpants Collective

    AMO Grant Awardee Report #1: Arts and activist group hosting Bi-Monthly "Luminous Intervention" in Baltimore City. As part of our series of recent grant awardees, AMO covers Baltimore's "Luminous Intervention" series, a project of the Occupy Baltimore-born Greenpants.

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    We are excited to announce the recipients of the Spring 2012 Arts Grants! 

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  • Occupy Minneapolis Posting "For Squat" Posters On Abandoned Buildings

    Editing the urban landscape with counter-narratives about the right to the city can help prepare public perception for future battles over housing and the right to abandoned space.

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  • OWS & Transit Union "Hack" Subway System, Launch Fare Strike

    With fare strike posters and the chaining open of Subway service doors, Occupy Wall Street and members of the Transit Workers Union of New York launch successful day of Economic Disobedience trageting Wall Street, MTA bosses.

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  • Occupy Orlando Participant Faces Jail Thursday for Chalking Sidewalk

    Occupy Orlando participant Tim Osmar will be facing jail for the third time Thursday, March 29th for chalking protest slogans on public sidewalks. He has already served 18 days.

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  • Spring Resurgence: InterOccupy Arts Call 3.22

    We've been planting seeds. Now it's time for them to bloom.

    Join the call. 

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  • Mad Graffiti Week Iran: Think, Innovate, Struggle and Paint

    Iranian activsits have put out a call for an internatinoal day of graffiti and stenciling to raise awareness and support for Iranian political prisons, inspired by a similar day of action taken in Egypt.

    Cultural Strategy: Accesbile public art, international solidarity

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