‘Superheroes vs. Wall Street’ Battle Royale

KA-POW! A team of Heroes-for-Hard-Times took the streets on Halloween to fight back against corporate criminals and their Wall St. henchmen. Caped crusaders The Master of Degrees, Wondermother, Captain Generica and Unemployed Man faced off against the sinister forces of The Outsourcerer, The Budget Axe, The Silencer, Pink Slip and others to engage in an epic brawl that went from Liberty Square to the the doorstep of Global Finance itself, the New York Stock Exchange.  



An all-out megabrawl erupts between working class superheroes and economic supervillains. Wondermother punches Pink Slip right where it counts - POP!

The heroes blasted the villians with giant lightning bolts and THOCKED! each other with comic style bursts. Then a giant evil Robot - The New York Slot Exchange - attacked with his 30' long vaccuum arm that sucked up people's savings. The choreographed street theatre action took place on Halloween and had over 20 costumed participants. Some were based on characters from the book The Adventures of Unemployed Man, while others were just people who showed up spontaneously in their own self created concepts. While humorous, each costumed character served as messaging vehicle to make complex economic critiques central to the Occupy Movement easy enough for anyone to understand - while still delivering an emotional punch!

The media showed up in force to cover the action, ranging from the NY Times on-line ‘Art Blog’ to Wired Magazine.

Cultural Strategies:

  • Using costumes, characters and pop culture can make complex ideas clear and accessible
  • Using humor can make a harsh, difficult messages easier to stomach
  • Using ‘heroic myths’ can inspire people to action
  • Creating an ‘open source’ structure for participation increases the size of your action



The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Wired Magazine


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