Occupy Wall Street created an incredible visual spectacle in New York City to accompany the Nov 17 Labor March that immediately captured national media attention and became a viral hit on-line. As OWS participants crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to demand labor rights and greater public investment in national infrastructure, a super-bright ‘bat signal’ projection suddenly appeared on the towering skyscraper across from them.

Popular OWS chants like “We! Are! The 99%!” were animated with perfect timing to inspire the crowd as they marched. The light show was both an artistic and technical feat, requiring the team of geekified direct action specialists to enlist the help of local residents who allowed them borrow their apartment in order to station the massive projector. Action organizer Mark Read tells the story how it all went down below.
Cultural Strategies:
  • Use unexpected technical wizardry to make the movement’s messages irresistibly cool
  • Pick a Time and Place that amplifies larger protest events, and the audience and media get built in.
  • Collaborate with local folks to gain access to crucial resources

Links: Rachel Maddow Show, Boing Boing Interview



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