“Film The Police!” Occupy Tech Tactics Gets Their Own Rap song

Is it possible to take a non-violent police accountability tactic used by camera-phone wielding occupiers, and turn it into a killer hip hop track? It is if you are lyrical masters B. Dolan, Jasiri X, Toki Wright, Buddy Peace and Sage Francis. In a update NWA’s seminal track of (ahem) a similar name, Dolan and crew have produced a ‘rap as instruction manual’ educating folks on how to defend themselves against uprovoked police violence without using any weapons, and instead ‘shoot back’ using flip cams, iphones, blackberries, cameras and viral videos. Police accountability organizations have long used video recording as a means to put the power of accountabiilty directly in citizen's hands, but the proliferation of small, portable video cameras, coupled with on-line video platforms like youtube and vimeo, has given ordinary people the power to document police action on the street like never before, case in point, the occupy protests at UC Davis, The Brooklyn Bridge, and Oakland.

Here’s a few lyrical slices...


2011 time to change our method.
We aim lenses at the State’s weapon

They’d rather see me in a cell
Than me on my cel with a different story to tell

It’s vital ’cause our survival could depend on a video going viral,
With more viewers than American Idol

There is an army on the march that doesn’t want you to watch.
You’ve got a weapon in your pocket whether you know it or not.
We, the people, are the only real media we got.


The video, directed by Mason Johnson ends with an audio recording of a woman at a protest calling out to riot police: “You are the working people. You should be on our side protecting these kids who came to fight for justice.” 


Cultural Strategy: Popularize an effective tactic using popular culture



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