The Longest Unemployment Line In The World

AMO is pleased to announce its first grant recipient: A massive, participatory arts event called "The Line".  The line will stretch nearly 3 miles through New York,  from Bowling Green along Broadway up to Union Square, and hold its position for 14 minutes – 1 minute for each million unemployed Americans.

the line

Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, or an underpaid worker, join us in creating this visually stunning, public statement to demand the following:

 - Greater public investment in good jobs! Pass strong jobs creation bills. Focus on jobs first! Deficits second
 - Pass a tax increase on the 1%, then put that money towards creating jobs and reducing the deficit!
  - Corporations must stop outsourcing jobs and laying off US workers at a time when both profits and executive bonuses are at an all time high!

DATE: Tuesday, March 6 (Super Tuesday)

TIME: Morning, 8:14 - 8:28am
LOCATION: Broadway, from Bowling Green to Union Square

To find out how participate.

Go to our website!        Invite people to the Facebook Event!      Twitter: #theline2012

“If all 14 million jobless Americans formed a single unemployment line, it would stretch unbroken around the borders of our entire country (from Portland, Maine to Seattle Washington to San Lucas, California, to Miami, Florida and back to Portland),” said Kristin Marting, Artistic Director of HERE, one of the Line’s organizers. “The Line will remind Congress and Corporations about their responsibility to put America back to work. Creating jobs is the key to a productive America.”


THE LINE is being organized by artists and activists from HERE and Working Theater and with organizations as varied as the Arts & Democracy Project, BAAD!, Construction and General Building Laborers’ Local 79, CVH Action, the Civilians, CWA Local 1180, Dance New Amsterdam, DC37, Democracy for NYC, Dixon Place, Downtown Community Television, Fourth Arts Block, Foundry Theatre, National Jobs for All Coalition, National Organization of Women – NYC, New Georges, New York America, New York City Central Labor Council, New York Immigration Coalition, New York State Immigration Fund, Occupy Astoria LIC, Occupy Wall Street, Peculiar Works Project, Professional Staff Congress, Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, Teamsters Local 814, Theatre for a New City, United NY, Workers Defense League, and Workers United. With additional support from


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