Occupy Orlando Participant Faces Jail Thursday for Chalking Sidewalk

Occupy Orlando participant Tim Osmar will be heading into court this Thursday, March 29th to face multiple charges stemming from a February 29th arrest at downtown Orlando’s Bank of America building.

Arresting initially for writing “FUCK BOA” on the sidewalk, Tim is being charged with trespassing and “battery on a uniformed licensed security officer.” Police claim Tim spit on them during his arrest.

tim osmar

Tim has been arrested two previous times for chalking in Orlando, first on December 15th and again on December 22nd. In the latter chalking, Tim wrote ““All I want for Christmas is a revolution” on the sidewalk in front of Orlando City Hall and spent 18 days in jail for it.

After his release, Tim told the Orlando Sentinel that he would glady do it again. "I would really look forward to challenging this in court,” he said, “to striking the ordinance so people can express themselves with chalk on the sidewalk."

In addition to the recent chalking arrests, Orlando has come under national scrutiny for it’s repression of Food Not Bombs through a “The Large Group Feeding Ordinance.“ Under this law, 27 people have been arrested in recent months for serving food in a public park. 

But like Tim Osmar, Orlando Food Not Bombs is being relentless in challenging the unjust laws against them. “We have every intention of striking down the ordinance, and forcing the city to acknowledge the political and civil rights of the homeless,” a statement on their website reads. “Orlando Food Not Bombs will continue its campaign against those who are making every effort to hide our hungry neighbors!

Orlando police evicted the Occupy Orlando’s second  encampment on March 13th. For information, see their http://www.occupyorlando.org.

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