• The Longest Unemployment Line In The World

    AMO is pleased to announce its first grant recipient: A massive, participatory arts event called "The Line". This Tuesday, March 6th, over 5,000 people will gather in NYC to form 'The Line' which aims to be the longest unemployment line in the world. The line will stretch nearly 3 miles through New York,  from Bowling Green along Broadway up to Union Square, and hold its position for 14 minutes – 1 minute for each million unemployed Americans.

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  • Reclaiming The Thunder: Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde

    Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde brings a powerful message to the world of fusion-rhythm. Taina is a member of Occupy Albany's People of Color and Women's Working Groups.  The band have just announced their Reclaim The Thunder tour to offer free shows for social justice organizations in the U.S. and Europe!

    Cultural Strategy: Using music to educate, build community, and mobilize.

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  • Blending Organizing, Hip-Hop, and Social Change in the Bronx

    Bronx-based Hip Hop group Rebel Diaz and their comrades from the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective (RDAC-BX) were joined by hundreds of others as they helped lead a march through the Bronx Saturday to address issues of police brutality and economic injustice.

    Cultural Strategy:Using music to build community and mobilize people.

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  • Can You Stop Capitalism With A Song?

    A new form of artistic intervention is being used to stop foreclosure auctions, effectively halting the very machinery where the homes of unfairly evicted families are being resold for profit.

    Creative Strategy: Beauty against the machine

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  • 'Artists as Bridges': Nationwide InterOccupy Art Call Feb 22

    How are artists creating important bridges between occupy and other movements for economic and social justice?

    You are invited to a nationwide conference call on  Wed, Feb 22 2012 7:00pm PT / 10:00 ET

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  • Rethinking the Role of Artists in the Movement


    By Josh Healey, Tikkun Magazine

    Last night some of my cultural comrades and heroes reminded me what it means to be artist in the movement. Artists of the 99% organized a panel/workshop that dealt with strategies for artists participating in social justice movements. It was a power-packed room. 


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  • Activism & Fiction: Can fantasy tell the truth?

    A new documentary asks a key question about cultural organizing: Can fantasy and fiction tell a more truthful story about our political experience than what's being said in the 'real world' of media and politics? To answer that, Spanish filmmakers Leónidas Martín and Núria Campabadal turn to  several 'real life' fictional characters who would know, from the legendary Superbarrio of Mexico City, to the comic-book character Unemployed Man, to Reverend Billy. Many Occupy-related projects are included, from Anonymous to Occupy Comics, to the Occupy Ninjas.

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