• ATM: Automatic Truth Machines

    • Jan. 9, 2012
    • Tags: prank

    Rainforest Action Networks activists took to the streets of San Francisco to turn every Bank of America ATM across the city into an "Automated Truth Machine" to bring attention to BofA involvement in dirty coal and dirty home loans.

    Cultural Strategy: change the face of the interface

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  • Thank you for your Proposals!

    ArtIsMyOccupation is excited to announce that we have recieved tons of great proposals this round.  Thank you to all who submitted them. We wish we could fund them all! While this round is 'closed' please continue to send in your applications, as we may be able to find a way to include them. More soon. 

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  • OWS: Cultural Moment, Political Movement

    From Day One, Arts & Culture have been a driving force of the Occupy Movement. In fact, one could argue that OWS was a cultural moment even before it was a political movement. In the weeks leading up to September 17, OWS did not yet exist as a group. There was no plan beyond just showing up. There was no infrastructure in place. No massive General Assemblies or spokescouncils. There was just a surreal image that proposed a radical first step, which seemed just impossible enough to be worth trying.

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  • “Film The Police!” Occupy Tech Tactics Gets Their Own Rap song

    Is it possible to take a non-violent police accountability tactic used by camera-phone wielding occupiers, and turn it into a killer hip hop track? In a update NWA’s seminal track of a (ahem) similar name, B. Dolan and crew have produced a ‘rap as instruction manual’ educating folks on how to defend themselves against uprovoked police violence.

    Cultural Strategy: Popularize an effective tactic using popular culture

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  • HOLY 99%, BATMAN!

    Occupy Wall Street created an incredible visual spectacle in New York City to accompany the Nov 17 Labor March that immediately captured national media attention and became a viral hit on-line. As OWS participants crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to demand labor rights and greater public investment in national infrastructure, a super-bright ‘bat signal’ projection suddenly appeared on the towering skyscraper across from them.

    Cultural Strategy: Use technical wizardry to make the movement’s messages irresistibly cool

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  • Occupy Comedy: Laughter Against The Machine

    As Oscar Wilde once said: "If you are going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh or they will kill you." During their recent national tour, Nato Green, along with comedic tag team members W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito, visited 7 Occupy Wall Street sites across the US. And nobody killed them. Here are some of their jokes. 

    Cultural Strategy: Use humor to uplift the spirits of the downtrodden, and ridicule the powerful. 

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  • ‘Superheroes vs. Wall Street’ Battle Royale

    KAPOW! A team of Heroes-for-Hard-Times took the streets on Halloween to fight back against corporate criminals and their Wall St. henchmen in an epic brawl that went from Liberty Square to the the doorstep of Global Finance itself, the New York Stock Exchange. 

    Cultural Strategies: Use costumes, characters and humor to make complex economic ideas easy to understand.

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  • Guerilla Grafting: A new 'branch' of occupy?

    A group of underground horticulturalists in San Francisco are secretly 'occupying' unused, ornamental trees by manually grafting fruit-bearing branches onto them. This practice turns decorative, forgotten trees into useable, nutritious forms of urban agriculture. As their statement declares: "We aim to turn city streets into food forests, and unravel civilization one branch at a time."

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  • Occupy Writers: Lemony Snicket's 13 observations

    Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance

    1. If you work hard, and become successful, it does not necessarily mean you are successful because you worked hard, just as if you are tall with long hair it doesn’t mean you would be a midget if you were bald.

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