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  • Occupy Comedy: Laughter Against The Machine

    As Oscar Wilde once said: "If you are going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh or they will kill you." During their recent national tour, Nato Green, along with comedic tag team members W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito, visited 7 Occupy Wall Street sites across the US. And nobody killed them. Here are some of their jokes. 

    Cultural Strategy: Use humor to uplift the spirits of the downtrodden, and ridicule the powerful. 

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  • Occupy Writers: Lemony Snicket's 13 observations

    Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance

    1. If you work hard, and become successful, it does not necessarily mean you are successful because you worked hard, just as if you are tall with long hair it doesn’t mean you would be a midget if you were bald.

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