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  • Blending Organizing, Hip-Hop, and Social Change in the Bronx

    Bronx-based Hip Hop group Rebel Diaz and their comrades from the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective (RDAC-BX) were joined by hundreds of others as they helped lead a march through the Bronx Saturday to address issues of police brutality and economic injustice.

    Cultural Strategy:Using music to build community and mobilize people.

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  • “Film The Police!” Occupy Tech Tactics Gets Their Own Rap song

    Is it possible to take a non-violent police accountability tactic used by camera-phone wielding occupiers, and turn it into a killer hip hop track? In a update NWA’s seminal track of a (ahem) similar name, B. Dolan and crew have produced a ‘rap as instruction manual’ educating folks on how to defend themselves against uprovoked police violence.

    Cultural Strategy: Popularize an effective tactic using popular culture

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