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  • Activism & Fiction: Can fantasy tell the truth?

    A new documentary asks a key question about cultural organizing: Can fantasy and fiction tell a more truthful story about our political experience than what's being said in the 'real world' of media and politics? To answer that, Spanish filmmakers Leónidas Martín and Núria Campabadal turn to  several 'real life' fictional characters who would know, from the legendary Superbarrio of Mexico City, to the comic-book character Unemployed Man, to Reverend Billy. Many Occupy-related projects are included, from Anonymous to Occupy Comics, to the Occupy Ninjas.

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  • ‘Superheroes vs. Wall Street’ Battle Royale

    KAPOW! A team of Heroes-for-Hard-Times took the streets on Halloween to fight back against corporate criminals and their Wall St. henchmen in an epic brawl that went from Liberty Square to the the doorstep of Global Finance itself, the New York Stock Exchange. 

    Cultural Strategies: Use costumes, characters and humor to make complex economic ideas easy to understand.

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