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  • Activism & Fiction: Can fantasy tell the truth?

    A new documentary asks a key question about cultural organizing: Can fantasy and fiction tell a more truthful story about our political experience than what's being said in the 'real world' of media and politics? To answer that, Spanish filmmakers Leónidas Martín and Núria Campabadal turn to  several 'real life' fictional characters who would know, from the legendary Superbarrio of Mexico City, to the comic-book character Unemployed Man, to Reverend Billy. Many Occupy-related projects are included, from Anonymous to Occupy Comics, to the Occupy Ninjas.

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  • Thank you for your Proposals!

    ArtIsMyOccupation is excited to announce that we have recieved tons of great proposals this round.  Thank you to all who submitted them. We wish we could fund them all! While this round is 'closed' please continue to send in your applications, as we may be able to find a way to include them. More soon. 

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  • “Film The Police!” Occupy Tech Tactics Gets Their Own Rap song

    Is it possible to take a non-violent police accountability tactic used by camera-phone wielding occupiers, and turn it into a killer hip hop track? In a update NWA’s seminal track of a (ahem) similar name, B. Dolan and crew have produced a ‘rap as instruction manual’ educating folks on how to defend themselves against uprovoked police violence.

    Cultural Strategy: Popularize an effective tactic using popular culture

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